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Looking For Agent In Canada

This is Amy Zhang from (Wuxue Changjiang Yangtze River Tools) Our company is a top Grade quality and Country-owned Rock Drilling Tools Manufacturer and Supplier with More Than 50 Years History in Rock Drilling Tools Business located in the border of Yangtze River of China.

Here are the Rock drilling tools and equipments we are manufacturing and supplying now in the market.

1) Horizontal Directional DrillingProducts for any type of directional drilling conditions.

2) Handheld equipments: Underground rock drills; Tapered equipment – for underground and dimensional drilling

3) Tophammer underground and surface drilling tools.

4) Down-the-hole Drilling tools.

5) Rotary drilling tools.

6) Raiseboring tools.

7) Exploration drilling tools and Ground support.

8) Geotechnical drilling tools.

We can supply quality products with performance comparable to Atlas and Sandvic,but price is less than half. We are looking for the agent in the world. 

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