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Copper Mine Drill Bits SR35-45mm R32-45mm Threaded Buttons Customer-made For Dubbo Mine In Australia

This is the First Email we received from our client in Australia . 


I am the project engineer responsible for drill consumables at our mine sites and came across your top hammer drill consumables online.


I have included some indicative annual consumption numbers below:

2250x 44mm

6600x 45mm

500x 64mm

400x 102mm

450x 3.1m hex rod

450x 4.3m hex rod

250x 3.1m round rod

300x HLX5 shank adaptor

500x RD525 shank adaptor

550x coupling

I am wondering if it is possible for you to cut SR35 style threads on drill steels and bits?


Our mines have extremely abrasive rock conditions so I am seeking a consumable manufacturer who would be able to work with us to trial different carbide grades to find the best performing and potentially alter bit designs slightly as required.


In addition to the above consumables our mine has one drill rig that consumes ST58 and one which uses ST68 which I would be happy to discuss consumables for in the future also.


Thank You

More Details our client from Australia provided for our discussion:

Our current bit design is 6x 10mm gauge buttons and 3x 8mm centre buttons. I am unsure if you are aware of the grades of Mitsubishi carbides but we have found that MG10 performs the best in our ground condition (as per the attached brochure).  Our bit design is similar to ‘type 23’ however this too has been customised specifically for our ground to have more room for flushing away cuttings.


We generally achieve close to 150m of drilling per bit. Although our rock is not classes as extremely hard it contains a lot of pyrite, some quartz and some iron / magnetite which makes it very abrasive. Due to the abrasive rock we only use round buttons. Our understanding is that a lot of the wear to our bits occurs due to re-grind of rock cuttings which we find is usually addressed by ensuring a lot of water is delivered through the face flushing holes and that there are adequate flushing grooves cut into the face and gauge of the bit matrix. The ground condition is generally very competent so we do not require retrac style bits.

Below are the Photos of our Samples we prepared for our clients, now they are going to test them and give us their detailed Feedback in April. 2019. 

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