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Customized Small Hole Drilling Button Bits

King-Long Rock Drilling Tools: Small Hole Drilling Button Bits
A: Fantastic Steel Material Imported from Sweden and USA.
B: Extra Bigger Width of Tungsten Carbide Tips.
C: Drill Bits: Cross Bits and Button Bits. R25 Thread: 33mm-48mm button bits.
D: Customer-made Cross Tapered Bits are also available by order.
E: Reaming Adapter Pilot Thread: R25 R23 R22.
F: Hex Drill Rods Matched: Hex22, Hex25

With more than 50 years experience in manufacturing and providing rock drilling tools for the mining and drilling industry all around the world, King Long Drills has more than enough experience to provide international service to our most valuable clients.

King Long Drills being one of the most experienced manufacturing of Top Grade Quality Rock Drilling Tools with an extensive ranges of Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools included underground and surface rock drilling tools and Down the Hole (Normal design of conventional and reverse circulation DTH Drill Bits and Hammers).


Tungsten Carbide Taper Shank Button Drill Bit for Rock Mining Business

A: Taper Degree: 4, 6, 7, 11, 12,

B: Socket Inside D: 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm.

C: Length of Body Skirt: 65mm, 70mm, 74mm.

D: Water Flushing Hole of Bit: Front:1-2, Size:1 or 2.

E: Small Hole Buttons Head Diameters: 28mm-48mm.

F: Thread Small Hole Button Bits: R22 R23 R25.


Detailed Photos Gallery of King-Long Manufactured  Small Hole Rock Drilling Tools: Button Bits




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