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Customized Plug Hole Drill Rods

China King-Long Brand Rock Drilling Tools
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King-Long Brand Rock Drilling Tools

A: 50 Years Rock Drilling Production Experience;

B: Country-owned Enterprise Built in year of 1970.

C: 20 Years Drill Steels Study Research Efforts.

D: 10 Years Tungsten Carbides Study Research.

E: 20 Years Sophisticated Production Experience and Rock Drilling Business Service more than 25 countries all around the world.

China King-Long Material is proud to introduce King-Long Rock Tools Our new series designs are the most innovated designs available. The goal of our new series is to offer faster drilling, more wear resistant and extended tool life.

That King-Long is producing which can be exchanged and replaced with Brands Such as: Rock Drilling Tools, Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools, Rockmore Rock Drilling Bits, Robit Rock Drilling Bits, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Rock Drilling Tools.

Brief Introduction

King-Long Brand. Plug Hole Drill Rods Produced in China by using the highest hollow drill steels made in China. King-Long Tapered Drifter Rods/Taper Drill Rods have three different grades for different markets requirement country to country so the raw materials will be a little different too. It has different length and various applications.

Integral Drills Steels Used together with Hand-held Pneumatic Jack Hammer Drills, it has advantages of high drilling speed for small hole drilling underground drillings and expense is much attractive to under developing countries.

Some Features of KING-LONG Plug Hole Drill RodsHollow Drill Steels/Shank Rods Shank Size: 108mm 159mm.

A. Hex of Taper Rods: H19 H22 H25.

C. Guide Tube Rods Connection: Male-, -.

D. Hollow Drill Steel Drilling Length: 400mm-10000mm.

E. Hollow Drill Steel Grades: 35, 55, 40(40SiMnCrNiMo), 95 etc.

F. Integral Drill Steels Head Dia: 24mm-44mm.

G. Shank Rod End Connections: R22, R23-Hex22-R23, Hex25-R23. R25- Hex25-R25.

H. Extension Rod Threads: R22, R25, R32 R38 T38 T45 T51.

I. Length of normal Extension Rods: 600mm-6400mm.

J. Steel Grades of Extension Rods: 23CrNi3MnV or 23CrNi3Mn.

Some Photos of King-Long. Plug Hole Drill Rods in workshop for production and stocked in warehouse.




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